EU GR ForumBrussels, February 23–24, 2023
Panel Discussion

Ukraine-Russia war and its long-term impact on the EU Affairs

February 24, 2023 2:45 PM CET GET TICKETS

Europe has been living in a new reality for the last few months. Russo-Ukrainian war has affected the global agenda and fueled shifts in political and socio-economical environments. Energy crises, recessions, and inflations are ubiquitous, and governments have yet to come up with solutions.

While some companies have already started talking about returning to Russia, the EU is lobbying for green legislation and mitigating the effects of the energy crisis on households. Countries have found a way to respond to individuals who warm up their houses more than 19 degrees, yet we do not see them reacting to companies staying in and returning to Russia.

In this panel, GR and PA experts will be revealing the changes occurring in the industry due to war, how Ukraine changed its priorities, and how it is coping with the energy crisis:

João Albuquerque Member of the European Parliament
Marek Matraszek Chairman at CEC Group