GCC GR ForumJanuary 25–26, 2023
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Panel Discussion

Women-centred initiatives as a business-winning tool

January 26, 2023 1:00 PM CET GET TICKETS

The governments of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have taken crucial steps toward empowering women and assisting them in advancing their positions on both individual and community levels. Seeking gender-based policy and project proposals, these governments are committing to diversifying the business environment and improving inclusiveeconomic growth through female entrepreneurship.

Companies with a transformative role in the business community are dedicated to the cause, helping governments fulfil these missions. In the GCC region, the women’s workforce is an untapped resource that could promote stability and success.

In this panel, we will speak about women’s empowerment as a business-winning tool for companies, as well as using PR, PA and cryptocurrency in achieving gender-based incentives: