Goverment relations
in the changing world orderApril 28–29, 2022

European Sovereignty Challenge in the Payment Industry

April 29, 2022 3:30 PM CET GET TICKETS

With the geopolitical shifts that have been happening globally in recent years and the increasing political distrust between traditional allies, Europe has started a strategic move towards greater European economic and technological independence and sovereignty. One of the industries where this is happening is the payment industry, where today the two leading digital payment companies come from the US.

Europe's response is a mix of a broad range of policies, regulatory initiatives, PPPs and political pressure, with the aim of creating European payment champions and a European network of data and payment flows.

In the presentation Mastercard will present the complexity of the situation and the importance of being able to identify and put into context all the pieces of the puzzle; we will discuss why it is important for a global company to be local and how to demonstrate it; and we will show the importance of showing and providing real value to governments in a broad range of fields, as a long-term commitment.

Boris Martinovic Director of Public Policy at Mastercard