Goverment relations
in the changing world orderApril 28–29, 2022

Case study presentations

Apr, 28 12:30 PM CET
Big Ideas Stage
Case Study

Diabetes - The Silent Pandemic

The objective of the case study is to create awareness and promote policy on diabetes prevention — a legislative framework for diabetes prevention and early diagnosis. The presentation will be concentrated on what has been done since January 2019, including such actions as:

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Workshops on diabetes specially developed for journalists;
  • National perception study regarding diabetes;
Laura Florea Managing Partner at Point Public Affairs
Apr, 28 1:00 PM CET
Big Ideas Stage
Case Study

GR support and COVID19 Crisis Management

Ivan Žužul Managing Director at ZBT Consulting/Public Affairs
Apr, 28 4:00 PM CET
Big Ideas Stage
Case Study

How to Shape GR Strategy at an Unregulated Sector? A Case Study From Turkish Micromobility Industry

  • How to turn an unregulated industry into a regulated one?
  • How to convince decision-makers when managing their expectations about local requirements?
  • How to create alliances with local competitors?
  • How to manage the conflicting interests of decision-makers at the state and local levels?
Eser Özdil Managing Director at Glocal Group Consulting Investment & Trade
Apr, 29 11:00 AM CET
Big Ideas Stage
Case Study

An adapted GR strategy: Working on both sides of the fence

  • The specificities of Non-EU client integration in the Union territory. 
  • Making the relevant state agencies aware of their need and obligation within the EU regulations to establish their own capabilities in the certification process.
  • Educating the client and the state on their respective duties in each stage of the integration process.
Miroslav Kovačić CEO at MKPS
Apr, 29 11:30 AM CET
Big Ideas Stage
Case Study

GR in Public-Private Partnership: Long term strategy for treatment of the Public and the Private Partner for proper and timely communication of the project, with means to prevent potential crisis in the public eye

Local market knowledge indicates that companies usually take the approach of silence while communicating, i.e the entire communication “effort” comes down to crisis communication.

For the purpose of providing transparent two-way communication, the below strategy tends to accurately and timely inform various publics (specific, media and the general public) about the type, manner and essence of the first major PPP project in North Macedonia. The risk of potential crisis for this project exists on several levels, such as political, economic, current actual similar services, etc.

From the strategy implemented so far, it can be concluded that, when it comes to communication of this type of partnership, a key factor for successful communication is the relationship between the public and private partner, identically to Siamese twins.

Jordan Minov CEO, APRA at APRA Porter Novelli Balkans Communication Group
Apr, 29 12:00 PM CET
Big Ideas Stage
Case Study

Public Affairs and Public Relations might be the best match

PA works best in well-organized systems where rule of law and procedures are observed through the decision-making process. There are however countries where systems are not matured enough, or procedures are not observed – in such cases PR works better and more effectively than PA.

  • It addresses broader target groups to build a solid base for PA;
  • Works well as education for decision-makers and prevents them from making mistakes. 

The best results are achieved with close cooperation and a balanced mix of PA and PR. The presentation describes environments that call for such a mix, as well as the roles and benefits of cooperation.

Piotr Czarnowski President at FIRST Public Relations

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