Goverment relations
in the changing world orderApril 28–29, 2022

Ioannis TriantafyllouIoannis Triantafyllou

Managing Director & Founder at To ATOMO Ltd


An experienced marketer, with studies in mathematics and languages, Mr. Ioannis Triantafyllou has worked for over 20 years in senior management & marketing management positions for technology, manufacturing & hospitality European firms and groups. In these years he successfully managed business setup & transformation projects of over €53mil euros in value for more than 100 SMEs in various countries.

 A passionate storyteller, change provocateur & futurist, he has been involved since 2000 in digital marketing and community management and is also active as a speaker & curator at industry conferences and events. In his presentations he focuses on business transformation, emphasizing how technology influences and evolves human relationships and behaviours. His key business experience extends from Digital Publishing, IT (HW & SW), Technology & Electronics, to F&B and Hospitality, Trade Events, Conferences & Public Affairs.

He is the founder & CEO of ToATOMO (, his own international marketing & business advisory firm with clients in 12 European countries, providing corporate strategy, marketing management and international development services to technology, services & hospitality firms.

Being a results-driven professional with strategic thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and strong motivational skills, he is also in recent years advisor & non-executive director in global tech start-ups, SMEs and professional associations in Greece & Europe.

He is Board Advisor (& acting Director of Marketing) for ethosGROUP of companies (media, events and business services). He also acts as an advisor and contributor for several startup projects, with the most prominent ones currently being LiveOn, the innovative Digital Platform for Business Communication and Events, and Kinemagine, the first robotically-driven, four-dimensional in-motion imaging product line.

Last but not least, he has a personal involvement with politics, being assigned as Director of the Secretariat for Commercial, Industry and Business Affairs for Nea Dimokratia political party (the governing party in Greece currently).

Takes part in

Apr, 29 4:00 PM CET
Big Ideas Stage

Governing Digital or Governing with Digital?

  • Do governments, especially local ones, have to also join global tech or develop local tech?
  • How far are we from seeing Government as a Platform?
  • Is it only global tech that should be regulated or local as well? 
Ioannis Triantafyllou Managing Director & Founder at To ATOMO Ltd